Let your voice be heard or just listen. Join Progress New Jersey for an interactive Tele-Town Hall that you can participate in by telephone from your own home. Get the latest updates on our progress in modernizing family law in New Jersey and share your concerns.

New Jersey’s legal standards for divorce and alimony, dating back five decades, no longer fit today’s society. Progress NJ is the only organization advocating for the rights and best interests of citizens like you in the New Jersey Statehouse.Our laws and judicial precedents do not reflect modern day careers. They fail to acknowledge that careers are more fluid with earnings rising and falling throughout long and winding professions. Life expectancy has increased, which has resulted in people switching career paths altogether, either by choice or necessity.

Yet New Jersey divorce laws are based on an era when people had fewer choices and careers followed predictable paths with steady incomes.In New Jersey, special interests work hard to preserve the existing obsolete family laws that make divorce litigious, adversarial, and expensive. Progress NJ is a 501(c) (4) organization dedicated to giving individuals in the New Jersey family law system a voice in Trenton.  We ask you to join us in making steady progress to update our divorce laws so that families in crisis can make emotionally healthy transitions without ruinous consequences that rely on outdated legal standards that do not make sense in modern day society.